Is Snoring Your Holiday Nightmare?

Is Snoring Your Holiday Nightmare?

Is Snoring Your Holiday Nightmare?

Going on vacation with your partner and family is something most people look forward to. It's a time for relaxation, adventure, and quality time. But for many couples, a holiday can also be a nightmare due to one challenge: snoring. In everyday life, you might be able to sleep in separate rooms, but in a tent, a caravan, a hotel room, or a small holiday apartment, there's no escape from the annoying sound of your partner's snoring. And when the holiday often includes a bit of extra alcohol, the snoring gets worse, making the situation even more unbearable.

Snoring Partner

You might already know it from your own relationship or from friends or colleagues who have booked their dream vacation but face the challenge of snoring. The destination is carefully chosen, activities are meticulously planned, and they look forward to creating memories together. But as soon as the head hits the pillow, the nightmare begins. One partner snores so loudly that it feels like sharing a sleeping space with an engine. Even if the snoring is not as loud, it can still be annoying enough to prevent sleep. So what can you do?

The Snoring Partner

For you who snore, it can be frustrating to hear about your partner's sleep troubles. You're not doing it on purpose, and it can be unpleasant to be nudged or constantly reminded about it. But you also know that snoring can create tension and conflicts, especially when both of you are tired and irritable.

Idyllic Moments Shattered

The holiday mood quickly turns into irritation, and the stars in the night sky fade as it's impossible to sleep, neither for you nor your partner. You are tired during the day, and it's not sustainable to go without sleep for several days or even weeks. Fatigue creates conflicts, and maybe there are even children who suffer because tempers are shorter than usual.


There are many recommendations and tips for solutions. Many of them have probably been tried with varying degrees of success. Nasal sprays, earplugs, mouth tape, anti-snore devices, etc. All can have an effect, but if you are "lucky" enough to sleep, fully or partially, on your back, the effect can be significantly increased with a sleep ball/snore ball, and in many cases, stop snoring completely. The sleep ball can also be used alone and works effectively for people who snore when they sleep on their back.

Nyxmate Snore Ball Makes It Easy to Follow Sleep Experts' Recommendations

Sleep experts recommend using a ball on your back, and there are countless good tips on using a snore ball/sleep ball/position trainer, as it is scientifically proven that you snore less or can stop snoring entirely by sleeping on your side. Besides stopping or reducing snoring, a ball can also ensure that you don't snore directly into your partner's face.

The Nyxmate snore ball/sleep ball works by preventing the snorer from sleeping on their back, which is often the cause of snoring. The ball is placed on your back by attaching it to your underwear or nightwear, which takes a few seconds. The ball weighs only 45 grams, so it is barely noticeable, and your reflexes will prevent you from lying on your back. You won't get back pain from lying on the ball because it doesn't happen. Besides positioning you to reduce or stop snoring, you can also control whether you face towards or away from your partner.

The World's Simplest Sleep Position Trainer

It is recommended in countless articles that a tennis ball can be used to prevent sleeping on your back, and it works with the same effect. But with the Nyxmate sleep ball, you will find it much easier. You don't need a needle and thread, and you can easily change underwear or nightwear and move the ball from one garment to another. The ball is lighter than a tennis ball and therefore feels more comfortable. You can even use the ball with a bare torso. It is a position trainer that can be attached and detached in seconds, even at night, if your partner is disturbed by snoring. The best part is that the ball will have an immediate effect if you sleep fully or partially on your back, and you can train yourself to sleep on your side so that you don't need to use the ball for life, just in periods.

Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Basically, the ball is for people who "just" snore, but it can also be used for positional obstructive sleep apnea. It is always recommended to see a doctor if you or your partner suspect sleep apnea.

Have a Great Holiday

We hope that you and your family have a fantastic holiday and that this article can help optimize your vacation.

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