• The sleep experts

    Sleep experts recommend lying on your side if you snore. Using a ball on your back, such as a tennis ball, is a universal piece of advice from the experts. Nyxmate makes it easy and convenient to follow their recommendations."

  • Results from day to day

    Using the snoring ball, you'll likely notice its effects after just one night, with ordinary snoring significantly reduced or completely eliminated. If your snoring hasn't completely disappeared, you can ensure that you sleep with your head away from your partner to minimize any disturbance.

  • Sleep apnea

    Nyxmate Snore Ball cannot cure sleep apnea (abnormal snoring) on its own, it can have a positive effect, especially when used in combination with a snoring splint. If you suspect you have sleep apnea, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

    NHS Recommendation

    New York Times

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Why does Nyxmate work?

All over the world, sleep experts recommend sewing a ball (floor or tennis ball) on the back of your nightwear if you snore. In this way, you ensure that you do not sleep on your back. The ball will simply cause your reflexes to keep you on your side if you try to lie on your back in your sleep.

But it is difficult to sew a tennis ball on not just one, but several shirts, and it will be useless for anything else. And what if you prefer to sleep shirtless?

Nyxmate snore ball, is a snore device that makes it easy and simple to sleep on your side at night. In a few seconds, you can attach it to any garment and remove it just as easily when the clothes need to be washed. In this way, you can simply follow the sleep experts' advice, stop snoring and optimize your and your partner's sleep

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Quite simply

The ball consists of two parts that can be screwed on and off.

It is fastened by placing a small piece of the garment between the two halves and then clamping it together. The clothes are not damaged, as there is nothing that has to pass through the fabric.

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Fasten on T-shirt or underwear

You can fasten the ball on your back or to your underwear in seconds.

It is so simple that it can also be quickly turned on and off at night while sleeping. For example, by the partner.

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Train your snoring away

Nyxmate is a position trainer that trains you to sleep on your side instead of on your back. At only 45 grams, it helps you move on from a life of snoring, so that eventually you don't have to sleep with it anymore.

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Nyxmate snore ball

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