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News – The Nyxmate sleep position ball, also known as a snore ball or sleep ball, was invented in Denmark/Scandinavia in 2021. After a few years of development, the Sleep Ball was launched in June 2023 in Denmark, and in November 2023, it became possible to purchase the ball on worldwide.

The idea originated when Claus Højlund, suffering from sleep apnea, participated in a trial at the Danish Center for Sleep Medicine, which is part of Rigshospitalet, Denmark's largest university hospital. With an apnea/snoring splint, he found in a test that his sleep apnea count (AHI) varied from 10 apneas in a side position to 28 apneas in a back position. It was a significant difference, and the change occurred immediately, as it was a test based on one night. If the sleep position could be maintained on the side, an apnea/snoring splint would be enough to significantly reduce the number of apneas, by a remarkable 65% from 28 to 10 apneas already on the first night.

Sleep expert's advice

Claus was advised to sew a hockey ball or a tennis ball on the back of a T-shirt or buy a t-shirt with a pocket on the back for a ball. However, this was a considerably more expensive solution, as one shirt at that time cost about 90$. They have since reduced in price, but it was cheaper to sew it oneself.

The ball functions as a sleep position trainer, teaching you over time to sleep on your side instead of on your back. The test showed that Claus slept 68% on his back measured over one night.

Too cumbersome, expensive, and uncomfortable

It seemed cumbersome to have to sew, uncomfortable to sleep with a T-shirt, and expensive if, over the remaining years of your life, you had to buy shirts with pockets on the back. But he could Google that the effect was well-documented, and there was plenty of advice on using a tennis ball, especially, sewn on the back. There were also other solutions, including some that had to be fastened with a strap around the upper body.

Especially an article from The Guardian inspired the development of Nyxmate snore ball, It was entertaining, a bit tragicomic, but highlighted several of the issues.

The goal

The goal was clear: Create a sleep ball/snore ball that:

• Is easy to use (can be fastened in 5 seconds)

• Can be used shirtless • Can be easily switched from garment to garment

• Is so light that it doesn't bother (Hence the choice of plastic – weight 45 grams)

• Can be easily acquired

• Is affordable (lasts a lifetime)

In addition to what was intended with the sleep ball, Nyxmate is so easy to use that your partner can put it on during the night without difficulty if they feel disturbed by snoring.

It can reduce or stop snoring instantly and determine on which side the snorer sleeps so that the partner is not snored directly into the head.

You are not alone

25% of all people in the Western world snore, and the number is increasing as more and more people become overweight. Among men and women aged 45 to 65, 60% and 40% respectively snore.

Primarily recommended for people who snore on their back

Nyxmate snore ball is primarily recommended for people who snore on their back. The ball is a sleep position trainer, so you don't have to use the ball forever. You can use it as needed. If you only partially sleep on your back, it can also be a great help, as, for example, 45 minutes of snoring during one night can be destructive to both your partner's and your own sleep.

Although hospitals and sleep experts worldwide also recommend a ball on the back for moderate sleep apnea, always seek help if you suspect sleep apnea. A life with sleep apnea can be hellish to live in, both for the patient and the surroundings, and it can be downright dangerous.

The dream is a life without snoring and sleep apnea

10 apneas are on the high side of the number of apneas one should have for a good life. It is typically from 10+ apneas that treatment for sleep apnea begins. Even apneas under 5 in one night can feel disturbing. Therefore, Claus had to either lose weight or use a CPAP machine to further reduce the number of apneas.

Today, Claus uses a CPAP machine. It brings the number of apneas down to under 1. Claus's goal is a lifestyle change through exercise and dietary changes, but it is almost impossible to achieve without getting a good night's sleep every night and being constantly tired.

The ball is good at ensuring that you don't lie with a softly humming CPAP machine right into your partner's face. However, it has no effect on snoring, as the CPAP machine removes this and ensures optimal sleep.

Do something about your snoring and get a better life!

Whatever you do, do something. If you can use a tennis ball, hockey ball, or something else entirely, do it. Go to the doctor if you suspect sleep apnea. Nyxmate is just an attempt to make it easier to achieve the experts' good advice.

Sleep well!


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